Proper equipment maintenance is a top priority of any quarry operation. Solid maintenance practices can prevent costly downtime and allow for safe and optimized equipment utilization.

As a first step, it important to understand the OEM requirements and lubrication points for each piece of equipment. The lubricants required for a single piece of equipment could span from hyroset system to grease or hydraulic oil to diesel engine oil. And those lubricants must be stored properly, kept clean and current, and optimized to best meet the needs of your complete range of equipment.

Choosing the best lubricants for your equipment and operating environment can deliver significant gains in operational efficiency, particularly in the Quarry segment due to severe operating conditions. Ambient temperature, dust and particulate contaminants in the air, and exposure to variable weather all must be accounted for in the lubricant you select. And while premium lubricants can appear costly, the value the right lubricant can offer is unbeatable: cost savings, by extending drain intervals and the service life of equipment.

Shell Lubricant Solutions is proud to offer a complete portfolio of lubricants for Quarries and has a team of experts standing by to help guide these decisions. We look forward to serving you.

Quarry Greases
Product Shell Gadus S5 V460 2 Shell Gadus S5 V220 2 Shell Gadus S5 V100 2 Shell SRS 2000 Extreme
Shell Gadus S3 V220C*
Shell Gadus S3 V220 1.5
Shell Gadus S3 T100 2
Shell Gadus S2 V220* Shell Gadus HS Coupling Grease
x x x
Electric motors
x x
Bearings (high speed)
x x
Crusher-spider bearings x
Crusher (Metso Barmac VSI B Series) x x
Screens (Seco, Hewitt-Robins, Svedala) x x x
Vibrating screen and feeders x x
Terex Simplicity screens x x

*Available in various NLGI Grades depending on ambient temperature

Quarry Crusher Oils
Product Shell Omala S2 GX Shell Tellus S2 MX Shell Tellus S3 M (zinc-free)
Lubricant system x
Hydraulic system x x
Hyroset system x x

*Available in various ISO Grades depending on ambient / operating temperature

Quarry Plant Applications
Product Shell Tellus S2 VX Shell Tellus S2 MX Shell Turbo T Shell Morlina S4 B Shell Morlina S3 BA Shell Corena S4 R Shell Omala S2 GX Shell Air Tool Oil S2 A150
Hydraulic oil x
Electric motor oil x x x
Pumps x x
Terex Simplicity & Cedarapids screens x
Diester screens x
Svedala and Seco screens x
Telsmith screens x
Bradley Pulverizer x
Chains x
Rock drill oil x
Quarry Plant Gear Reducers
Product Shell Morlina S4 B Shell Morlina S3 BA Shell Omala S4 GXV Shell Omala S4 WE Shell Omala S2 GX
Gear reducers (EP) x x
Gear reducers (non-EP; with internal backstops) x x x
Worm gear reducers x
Quarry Air Compressors
Product Shell Corena S5 R Shell Corena S4 R Shell Corena S4 P Shell Morlina S4 B Shell Turbo T
Air compressor - Screw x x
Air compressor - Reciprocating x
Blowers x
Airline oilers x


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