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As the construction industry evolves, the companies that manage to respond in an agile and innovative fashion will gain the edge over their competitors. Part of gaining that advantage is investing in your people, their education, and their ideas.

At Shell, we work closely with the entire Construction sector – from OEMs to site managers – to ensure knowledge gaps don’t lead to performance gaps. After all, people are a company’s most valuable asset and when they are equipped to deliver results, it helps to build a thriving and sustainable future for us all.

Working with Shell Lubricant Solutions is one way to ensure that your technicians have the tools and expertise required to keep your equipment operating at optimal levels – by using innovative and high-performance products, and providing engineers and maintenance staff with the training and lubricant education they need to apply the latest technologies in lubrication and equipment maintenance.

Through services such as LubeCoach, LubeAdvisor and LubeChat, Shell provides knowledge and tools to help companies:

  • Train staff on lubrication best practices,
  • Find exactly the right oil for their equipment and use case, and
  • Maintain that oil — and the machine it protects — in peak condition.

Learn more about the gaps that exist today from Chrissi McCarthy, Managing Director of Constructing Equality, and how you can contribute to a more productive and progressive construction industry environment, by investing in your own people and their futures.

Running on Overload

Running on Overload

Maintenance managers are running on overload, facing constant challenges. How can we work together to relieve their burden?

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