A construction site can be an unforgiving place for your people and your equipment. The dust, the dirt, and the deadlines can create complications at any time. And it all adds pressure to the critical systems that you rely on to perform.

Though new construction technologies can help empower the industry to meet these demands, the emerging innovations must be underpinned with the correct lubrication foundations to maximize business output and minimize environmental impact.

Shell Lubricant Solutions has the products, services and expertise to help you build your business in a profitable and sustainable way, offering expert guidance on:

  • Choosing the most appropriate oils for your equipment,
  • Implementing predictive maintenance routines,
  • Identifying more sustainable solutions like our Shell Naturelle range of oils and greases, and
  • Optimizing your fleet and site management, so your machines can last as long as the things they build.

Learn more about what Shell is doing with Sustainability, including helping equipment run longer with new product offerings such as Shell Desiccant Breathers.

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