Meeting the Demands of Tomorrow

Driven by the need to meet continually tighter deadlines and ambitious client specifications, the construction sector is rapidly evolving and digitizing, embracing new technologies such as predictive maintenance and automated site management tools.

The rise of the digital construction site

In previous waves of digitization, companies adopted discrete technologies, each designed to tackle a single task. Today’s digital construction site management solutions allow firms to feed data from a range of systems into a single-site model and a single, dynamically evolving project-management plan, integrating many previously separate systems.

Take MachineMax, for example. MachineMax is an award-winning Shell joint venture that offers an equipment management platform and universal telematics sensors for off-highway fleets. Key metrics are monitored including: utilization, idling time, fuel consumption, emissions, location, and operating hours. This ensures that sites maximize their productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Innovation means nothing without reliability and performance

However, digitization alone isn’t the answer to a seamless project. If you’ve planned work schedules on a complex construction site down to the minute, then all the equipment in that plan needs to be available, working at peak efficiency, and where it’s supposed to be. But that cannot happen if machinery is lost to unplanned downtime or is working below expected performance levels.

Shell’s latest low-viscosity, synthetic lubricants are designed to remain effective for longer, extending the time between drain intervals and increasing the reliability of your fleet. They combine protection against wear with friction-reducing properties, helping to safeguard against damage and reduce fuel costs and emissions.

Meet the Demands of Tomorrow

Meet the Demands of Tomorrow

Learn more trends in the construction industry and what must be done to prepare for the demands of tomorrow.

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