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When your business is being pulled in multiple directions, it can be difficult to cover all necessary bases. Sometimes a helping hand is needed to bridge a knowledge gap, connect the dots, or unlock your full potential.

But finding a partner who has the necessary skills, industry knowledge, and capacity to help can be a challenge in itself.

At Shell Lubricant Solutions, we value industry collaboration. We’re always exploring solutions that can help businesses to maximise profit while minimising negative impact.

Part of this involves acting as a trusted partner for our customers, by demonstrating the value of shared expertise and vision.

Another aspect is joining forces with experts from across industries, combining our knowledge for the benefit of businesses like yours.


Working alongside technology innovators IBM, we created the first B2B marketplace for mining and industrial sectors. A one-stop shop for digital and sustainability transformation, Oren connects you with the solutions, software, and services that your business needs to become more competitive and responsible.

Shell LubeAdvisor

Shell LubeAdvisor helps give your maintenance staff the support they require to keep your equipment running. Through trained technical assistance, detailed plant assessments and lubrication surveys, our team of world class professional technical support staff can work with you to achieve major cost savings and lubrication-related excellence.


MachineMax is the next step in equipment management. A platform for off-highway heavy equipment users, it can help you to maximise the productivity and protect the profitability of every machine in your fleet, regardless of model, make or location. Simply integrate all existing telematics data from your existing platforms and use the centralised platform to identify potential opportunities for optimization.

To discover how collaboration can help advance your business goals, contact us today.

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