Sustainable progress

Shell Lubricant Solutions

We’re more than a lubricants supplier. We’re an end-to-end solutions provider, helping put your potential in motion.

Following decades of collaboration with the businesses that help shape our global industrial sectors, located across every corner of the world, we’ve come to realise that there still exists an incredible and untapped source of power: potential.

At Shell Lubricant Solutions, we help unleash this potential:

  • The potential for equipment to perform better and last longer
  • The potential for people to face new challenges and stay safe
  • The potential for businesses to adapt to change and for industries to be both profitable and responsible.

We believe in the potential for positive change, by empowering businesses, reducing negative impact, and improving lives.

Because potential is only a promise until you add action, we’re committed to helping you transform your own business, so we can all make a real difference to the world.

Our mission is to put potential in motion.

And that drives everything we do.

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