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Whatever your industry, productivity is key.

While the manufacturing world relies on the combination of speed and efficiency to meet demanding output schedules; construction workers need equipment that can be relied on to perform consistently no matter the conditions; and fleet companies need their vehicles to stay on the road and on schedule.

What’s more, productivity is not just limited to your equipment, but extends to the people that make up your team.

But as industries are pressed to do more with less, it can be challenging to maintain effective and efficient operations. Productivity solutions must go beyond maintenance fundamentals to help businesses work smarter and more efficiently.

For companies looking to identify and seize potential improvements, Shell Lubricant Solutions offers a range of services that can do just this:

Shell LubeCoach

Delivered through technical experts, Shell LubeCoach is a modular training programme that helps teams to upgrade their maintenance capabilities. Courses, workshops and digital training materials can be tailored for the team or individual’s specific requirements, making it possible to create a specialist package of learning that will help to empower their lubrication decisions.

Shell LubeExpert

Shell LubeExpert leverages the wealth of engineering expertise at Shell’s disposal, providing your business with insights and knowledge that can make a real difference to your productivity and performance. The service enables a sector expert to integrate into your own on-site team, helping you to inspect, audit and optimise equipment to the highest industry standards.

Shell LubeMatch

With time often in short supply, Shell LubeMatch helps you find the right oil for your vehicle or machinery in minutes. Housed in an easy-to-access online platform, the oil selector tool is designed to generate recommendations based on a small number of input criteria, such as vehicle type, make and model. Beyond the oil recommendation, Shell LubeMatch also outlines the relative benefits of each product suggested, helping you to maximise the productivity of each piece of equipment.

For more ways we can help your business unlock productivity, visit our services pages.

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