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Ensure your equipment runs without disruption, and your people stay safe, with our complete offering of products and services.

In today’s climate, your business can’t afford to stop running. To keep equipment online for longer, it has to be protected. As do the people maintaining it. Unlock the potential of your business by realising the potential of your workforce.

Solutions that can empower your people and protect your environment

Our maintenance solutions prioritise the health and safety of your workforce, without which the protection of your equipment would be impossible. Safe practices help ensure your people are protected, while our premium products – from biodegradable lubricants to energy efficient oils – work to preserve the environment around us. Giving you more sustainable options and more successful operations.

Fluids that can unlock performance

The first step in getting the most of your machinery is to select a lubricant or oil that can meet its output potential. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are consistently pushing the boundaries of component design, meaning your equipment is able to do more than it ever could. Unlock peak performance by selecting a high-quality fluid with the protective characteristics that your operation demands.

Services that can foresee failure

Once your lubricant is up to the challenge, it’s important to make sure it stays that way. To do so, oil condition monitoring (OCM) needs to take a central role in your maintenance plan. A service like Shell LubeAnalyst provides equipment-based diagnosis and actionable insights based on decades of Shell expertise. This health check service for your oil and equipment helps identify potential issues ahead of time, giving you the foresight to prevent downtime and protect uptime.

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