5 Reasons to be cheeerful

5 Reasons to be cheerful

You work hard. So should your oils.

1. The world’s no.1. now even better.

The Shell Tellus family has become the world’s No.1 because it reliably delivers.

Powering performance, our latest Shell Tellus Premium fluids help to make it possible. Enabling operators of hydraulic assets to access the benefits of Shell GTL base oils and the latest additive technology designed to maximise durability and efficiency of machinery in the field.

2. Improved protection

A choice of fluids to protect customer’s assets through superior anti-wear, sludge & varnish properties. Not all hydraulic fluids are the same.

3. Performance and efficiency

Making it possible by offering extended oil life, improved machine productivity and a focus on reducing asset owner’s energy and operating costs.

4. Collaboration and partnership excellence

Developed in partnership with OEMs to meet and exceed the most stringent test methods. You want high performance from a name you can trust. Commitment to quality and reliability is why customers have made Shell Tellus the world’s No.1 Hydraulic Oil.

5. Progress and innovation in Hydraulic oils

Formulated with Shell GTL fluids with a focus on continuous innovation to build a more sustainable future. That might be enough for some, but not us. We have worked hard to make the new Shell GTL based Shell Tellus S4 VE the flagship of the family. Designed to work even harder for you.

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