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Shell Gadus for Automation and Robotics

Model of RV gear

Shell Gadus

Next-level grease technology for robotic arms

Your robotic systems keep your operations running at peak efficiency, making it vital to protect components to enhance reliability. Shell Gadus greases help control friction to increase the lifetime of your equipment and maintain the precision of your robotics.

Key benefits of Shell Gadus S4 V80XE 00¹

  • Load Carrying and Wear Prevention

    Load Carrying and Wear Prevention

    Help your equipment shoulder the heaviest loads by reducing wear.

  • Friction Reduction Protection

    Friction Reduction Protection

    Provide industry-leading friction reduction to improve efficiency and protect components.

  • Protection Against Vibration Damage

    Protection Against Vibration Damage

    Get excellent protection against damage caused by frequent start-stop motion.

  • Avoiding Oil Leakages

    Avoiding Oil Leakages

    Anti-leakage properties give you one less thing to worry about in your operations.

  • Superior Corrosion Protection

    Superior Corrosion Protection

    Prevent the build-up of rust on your equipment, even in humid environments.

  • Low Temperature

    Low Temperature

    Protects components across a wider temperature range.

Model of the insides of an RV

Rotary Vector (RV) Reducer Trials²

In partnership with a leading RV OEM, Shell conducted a complex testing programme under real-life operating conditions. The rigorous tests highlighted Shell Gadus S4 V80XE 00 as the highest performer with:

  • Significant extension to RV service life
  • Longer relubrication intervals
  • Improved lower temperature performance
  • Reduced iron (Fe) contamination in the grease

Shell Lubricants for Robotics

Shell Lubricant Solutions provides manufacturing operators with a portfolio of high-quality products and services for their robotics equipment.

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[1] All data is derived from tests in laboratories of Shell Lubricant Solutions or partners using accepted standard methods

[2] Rotary Vector Reducer Trials are derived from tests in laboratories of Shell Lubricant Solutions or partners using accepted standard methods, taken from the Shell Gadus S4 V80XE 00 brochure.

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