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Specialist Open Gear Grease for Mining and Cement

Open gears

Shell Gadus

Choosing the right open gear grease

Operating for long hours, under extreme loads, in high temperatures and dusty environments, ongoing wear is a significant challenge for open gears. This can lead to unplanned downtime and reduced equipment life – creating a barrier to effective operations and the potential need for costly replacement.

Leading mining and cement companies use advanced grease technology and technical inspections to help prevent open gear failure, optimise service life and ensure the smooth running of their operations.

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Why choose Shell Gadus OG greases?

The Shell Gadus OG greases range delivers a tailored and reliable solution to the challenges of maintaining open gear operations and improving efficiency in cement and mining production facilities.

Along with their proven load-carrying capacity and protection for open gears under shock loads, it delivers the right balance of additives to reduce wear. Optimal graphite levels also provide emergency lubrication should unexpected spray system failures occur.

In line with Shell’s focus on safety, all our greases are REACH compliant, contain no harmful chemicals or heavy metals, and are easy for maintenance teams to apply.

The Shell Gadus OG greases range offers high-performance open gear protection – helping to maximise equipment life, minimise downtime and optimise grease consumption. Combined with regular inspections and services such as Shell LubeExpert that provide on-site maintenance support, Shell Gadus OG greases can help you increase productivity and make the most of your equipment.

Benefits of Shell Gadus

  • Icon of lubricant being poured

    Higher base oil viscosity

  • Icon of a weight

    Protects against high and shock load, and wear

  • Icon of pumpability

    Pumps reliably in extreme temperature and through long and high systems

  • Icon of friction between two blocks

    Protects against dust combination and rust from humidity

  • Icon of CO₂ cloud

    Helps reduce carbon footprint

Choose the right product for you

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Image of 3D mining equipment

Gadus S2 OGT

Icon of 3D Open Gear

Gadus S4 OGFP

Icon of 3D Open Gear

Gadus S4 OGH 3000B

Shell Gadus greases for mobile equipment

Mining Product 
Low temp (-50ºC to +10ºC) Gadus S4 OGXK and Gadus S2 OGXK
Multi-season (-20ºC to +40ºC) Gadus S4 OGMS and Gadus S2 OGMS
High Temp (-10ºC to +50ºC) Gadus S4 OGT and Gadus S2 OGT


Shell Gadus greases for fixed equipment

Mining Product 
AGMA required Gadus S4 OGFP
AGMA not required Gadus S4 OGH 3000


Cement Product
Spray system Gadus S4 OGH 3000 and Gadus S2 OGH 1000
Bath system Gadus S4 OGH 3000B

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