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    Shell EcoSafe Turbine Fluids were developed to meet the lubrication requirements of turbo-compressors, heavy-duty gas turbines, and combined-cycle systems.

  • icon signifies equipment protection and resistance to varnish/sludge

    Shell EcoSafe Turbine Fluids offer exceptional equipment protection, extend fluid life, and provide excellent resistance to varnish and sludge formation.

  • icon signifies long-term performance and reliability

    Shell EcoSafe Turbine Fluids are designed to provide outstanding long-term performance and reliability, even under the most severe operating conditions.

  • icon signifies thermal stability

    Shell EcoSafe Turbine Fluids have been specifically formulated to deliver better oxidation and thermal stability compared to mineral-oil-based turbine oils.



Two engineers working on turbine

Meet your challenges head-on with Shell EcoSafe Turbine Fluid S5 X 25, which offers extended fluid life, improved efficiency, and excellent oxidation and varnish control.

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Two technicians’ trouble-shooting a turbine

Even a small amount of varnish can cause sophisticated servo valves to stick, which results in turbine trips, significant maintenance and repair expenditure. Find out how the Shell EcoSafe range of low-varnishing, PAG-based fluids can help solve some of these issues.

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