Our Portfolio of PAG Lubricants

Our extensive portfolio of PAG lubricants includes compressor fluids, gear oils, greases, biodegradable lubricants, water-glycol hydraulic fluids and more. This complements our portfolio of traditional lubricants, such as those made with GTL and PAO technologies.

Blue Electro-hydraulic control system used in the power industry

At the heart of the portfolio are PAG-based synthetic lubricants, which help provide excellent equipment protection, reduce the impact on the environment, and support more profitable and sustainable operations.

Lab technician looking at a glass vial that holds lubricant

The products meet stringent industry standards and are produced in modern ISO-9001-registered facilities. Their favorable health, safety, and environmental profiles can help you meet government regulatory requirements.

Steel mill worker dumping molted steel from a container

The highly-specialized lubricants include fire-resistant hydraulic fluids for use in demanding high-temperature environments, turbine fluids for large power-generation gas turbines, and other synthetic products.



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