For more than 40 years, ACT has been supplying game-changing, fire-resistant PAG fluids and other industrial lubricants, and value-adding technical services. In December 2019, ACT assets, intellectual property, technology, products and manufacturing facilities in Fowlerville, Michigan, and Bowling Green, Kentucky, became part of Shell and its wider business.

PAG technology experts


We want to reassure ACT customers that many of the same knowledgeable and customer-focused people are continuing to deliver the same leading-edge products and services. But now these dedicated people are backed by Shell, the number-one global lubricants supplier.

*For existing Shell customers, our portfolio has expanded, giving you the benefits of using PAG-technology in your industries.

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ACT has been recognized as a leader in the manufacture and development of specialized, high-performance industrial lubricants since 1977, and its employees are known for taking pride in delivering a personal service.

At the heart of the portfolio are PAG-based synthetic lubricants, which provide exceptional equipment protection, reduce the impact on workers and the environment, and support more profitable and sustainable operations.

The products meet stringent industry standards and are produced in modern ISO-9001-registered facilities. Their favorable health, safety and environmental profiles can help you to meet government regulatory requirements.

The highly specialized lubricants include fire-retardant hydraulic fluids for use in demanding high-temperature environments, environmentally acceptable lubricants for sensitive marine applications, turbine fluids for large power-generation gas turbines, synthetic gear compounds, synthetic compressor fluids, specialty greases, turbine system cleaners and water-soluble coolants.

*Source: Kline & Company 2018.

Evolution of PAGs: Providing Chemical Solutions to Chemical Problems

PAGs are quickly becoming the lubricants of choice for critical equipment in manufacturing sites. Learn more about our new portfolio of PAG-based lubricants and how to use them to improve your manufacturing plant’s reliability in this free, on-demand webcast.

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