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What are animal vaccine adjuvants?

A rising global population is driving increased demand for farming and meat products, which means that farmers need more animal vaccines with fewer side effects. As a key component of vaccines, alongside the antigens (the active substances), adjuvants are an effective tool for enhancing their efficacy. By slowing the release of antigens and strengthening the stimulation of the immune response, adjuvants reduce the dosage needed to produce the same result from a given vaccine.

Many animal vaccines use mineral oils as adjuvants, which release the antigen gradually to improve efficacy. However, the complex structure of these white mineral oils, typically refined from crude oil, is difficult to break down and can leave residues that might lead to safety concerns. Existing bio-based alternatives also face performance and efficacy challenges.

To address this, Shell has developed next-generation adjuvant oils based on gas-to-liquid technology. This provides adjuvants that deliver high vaccine efficacy with fewer side effects for better animal welfare.*

Shell Ondina X oils create animal vaccine adjuvants that improve animal welfare and offer better protection for consumers and the environment. Discover how our GTL technology offers an effective alternative to mineral oils.

Shell Ondina X

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    Exceptional purity

    Shell Ondina X oils do not contain polycyclic aromatics or pristane, hopanes or steranes1. They are also virtually free of sulphur and nitrogen compounds.±

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    Superior safety

    Low systemic accumulation and rapid elimination makes vaccines safer for animals, humans and ecosystems.

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    Smart alternative

    GTL animal vaccine adjuvants are more versatile and scalable, making it easier to meet high demand.*

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    Outstanding properties

    Shell Ondina X adjuvant oils provide low viscosity, low accumulation rate and superior pour point performance.

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Next-generation mineral-oil-free adjuvant oils for animal vaccines

Discover the Shell Ondina X range of next-generation, synthetic, straight-cut, medicinal-grade oils. Delivering consistent quality and superior levels of safety, they an effective alternative to conventional adjuvant oils for formulating high-performance animal vaccines.

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Animal vaccine adjuvants: A new use for GTL oils

GTL technology offers the opportunity to avoid formulating animal vaccines with mineral oils or bio-based alternatives like squalene (which can raise ethical concerns). Find out more about how it can provide exceptional purity and improve vaccine efficacy.

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GTL synthetic paraffin oil shows low liver and tissue retention compared to mineral oil - ScienceDirect

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