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Keeping data servers cool is cost intensive and uses large amounts of energy. Find out how Shell’s gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology is enabling the latest Immersion Cooling solutions for data centers and blockchain computing operations.


The Benefits of Liquid Immersion Cooling

Traditional air cooling equipment for electronic components accounts for as much as 43% of the energy use in data centers. Learn how single-phase immersion cooling technology as an integrated solution improves performance and reduces the energy footprint.

Reduce Energy Consumption in your Data Centers

Learn how single phase Immersion Cooling as an integrated solution can help cut costs and carbon footprint in data center operations.

Global Innovations from the Energy Sector

Shell was featured in the latest World Economic Forum Report on Transformational Energy Innovations. See the highlights of immersion cooling technology on page 13 and 14.

4 Reasons Data Centers are using Immersion Cooling

The benefits of switching to Immersion Cooling go far beyond simply reducing emissions and energy costs. Learn about the key reasons data centers use immersion cooling.

Shell Immersion Cooling Benefits

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Safe and Pure

  • Synthetic and meets purity requirements of the EU and US pharmacopoeias
  • Extremely low volatility (less fuming, mist and vapours)
  • Non-halogenated, food-grade
  • Free from allergens
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  • Non-evaporating
  • Excellent thermodynamic properties
  • Low density
  • High flash point
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Protection and Reliability

  • High compositional consistency
  • Very high oxidation and thermal stabilities
  • Virtually no sulphur, nitrogen or aromatics
  • Noncorrosive

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