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What is agricultural spray?

Crop protection is an essential element of agricultural operations. With a rising population needing higher levels of food production, improving crop yields is critical to the delivery of produce that can help to feed the world. This is made more challenging by outbreaks of plant diseases, which can cut into production and threaten the reliability of supply chains.

To address this challenge, we have developed Shell Risella X next-generation agricultural spray oils that protect plantations from diseases for longer and in different temperature ranges – helping to ensure the quality and quantity of each harvest. This enables producers to protect their crops while also protecting worker safety, machinery and local ecosystems.

Next-generation mineral-oil-free crop protection

As a top-tier agricultural spray oil, Shell Risella X is a superior alternative to conventional refined mineral oils due to its low toxicity to plants, insect predators and the environment. It is biodegradable and can be used as an adjuvant to increase the efficacy, coverage, and penetration of conventional pesticides on leaf surfaces. Safety for workers is also enhanced due to its low systemic and acute toxicity and skin friendly nature, even after repeated exposure.

Shell Risella X can help to drive the performance of agricultural operations, reducing adjuvant oil consumption by up to 20%.* It delivers enhanced protection for the environment and against machinery corrosion while contributing to the cultivation of safer food products.

*Based on field trials on banana crops in Latin America.

Shell Risella X key benefits

  • Drop

    Lower adjuvant oil usage

    Up to 20% oil usage reduction for the same protection performance compared to mineral oils (based on field trials on banana crops in Latin America)

  • Arrows

    Effective crop protection

    Ideal for a wide range of temperatures – spreads evenly on the plant surface, improving leaf protection

  • Low temp thermometer

    Highly stable in storage and use

    Less wax formation on leaves in colder temperatures

  • Leaves

    Low toxicity to plants and human

    Biodegradable according to OECD 301B, with virtually no aromatic, and very low naphthenic and unsaturated hydrocarbon content

  • Gear with oil

    Protects soil and machinery

    Superior product purity, virtually free of sulphur (corrosive) and nitrogen compounds, meets technical white oil classification FDA 178.3620(b)

Shell Risella X agri spray oil brochure

Shell Risella X

A national high-tech enterprise, Beijing Grand AgroChem’s emulsion concentrate product, FEITUO®, uses Shell Risella X 415 oil. The company is engaged in the research, production and marketing of agricultural adjuvants, accompanied by technical services.

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Shell Risella X product brochure

Shell Risella X product brochure

Explore the full Shell Risella X range of high-quality technical white oils to see how they can deliver performance enhancements and unlock value in a variety of industries, from fertilisers to petroleum jelly to crop protection.

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