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Shell LubeOptimizer delivers complete on-site reliability solutions that can save you time and money.

Create efficiencies you never thought possible by partnering with Shell. Shell LubeOptimizer’s knowledgeable, vetted service providers bring the equipment and on-site expertise you’ve been looking for. Let Shell handle the planned maintenance and unplanned interruptions that prevent you from focusing on your core business.

Shell LubeOptimizer services are able to address:

  • Filtration
  • Dehydration
  • Reclamation
  • Varnish removal or mitigation
  • High velocity oil flushing
  • Initial fill services
  • Cleaning

Working with Shell and our third-party network of on-site reliability service providers is the end-to-end solution you’ve been searching for. Optimize your team’s time by outsourcing the critical support you need for maintenance and troubleshooting. There is no limit to the efficiencies and learning opportunities you’ll realize by bringing in the expertise you may not have in-house.

Don’t risk losing time and money. Let Shell’s experts help with your lubrication field services, so you can prioritize other parts of your operations.

Primary Service Offerings

  • Shell lube optimizer filtration icon


    Occurs as oil is being filled into the equipment or during the life of the equipment to maintain low particle count.


  • Shell lube optimizer hv oil flushing icon


    Performed to clean the circulating oil system using high flow turbulence to maintain productivity and protect your equipment.

  • Shell lube optimizer dehydration icon


    Removing water from lubricant while in service via centrifuge or vacuum dehydration. Emergency Response & Particulate Removal available.


  • Shell lube optimizer fill services icon


    Filtration of oil to new installations direct to application of any new system commissioning and can include the need for high velocity oil flushing, flushing of lines and pickling.

  • Shell lube optimizer oil recycling


    Reclamation of customers’ system oil recovered from leakage – can be on-site or offsite.

  • Shell lube optimizer cleaning icon


    Confined space tank cleaning of fluid system reservoirs and bulk tanks with OSHA CSE trained personnel.

  • Shell lube optimizer turbine icon


    Process to reduce varnish potential of lubricant and/or remove varnish from oil-welted components within an oil circulating system.

Featured Services

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LubeAnalyst uses traditional oil condition monitoring to give your machinery a regular health checkup.

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