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Shell Rotella T

Sjell Rotella T pack shot

Shell Rotella T

High quality oil can help protect your equipment and maximize value. We have a whole range of protective products.


Axle and transmission oils

Shell Spirax product range - Axle and transmission oils

Axle and transmission oils

Discover how Shell oils protect axles and gears from wear to help reduce maintenance costs, extend vehicle life and maximize your return on investment.

Axle and transmission oils, Shell Spirax


Greases, Shell Gadus oil product


The longer your grease lasts, the longer your components last, and the less lubrication maintenance for your equipment. With a full product range of Shell Gadus greases, you can select the grease to best meet your needs.

Greases, Shell Gadus


Shell LubeAdvisor

Shell LubeAnalyst

Shell LubeCoach

Shell Lube Coach


We coach your team to deliver better performance through this in-depth lubrication training program.

Shell LubeCoach

Shell LubeMatch

Shell LubeVideoCheck

Shell Lube Video Check


Shell LubeVideoCheck

Our highly trained technicians used a fiber optic video scope to inspect the inside of your engines, gearboxes, and other components without the need to dismantle them.

Download Shell LubeVideoCheck

Advice and Tips

Shell LubeChat

Our new online chat tool gives you answers to questions about oils and lubes.

Data sheets

Find key technical and safety information on our products.