Managing Vehicle Total Cost of Ownership

Managing Vehicle Total Cost of Ownership

Fuel costs can amount to over a third of a fleet’s total operating cost, so a small improvement can provide drastic savings. Shell experts can work with you to help choose and manage lubricants that improve fuel efficiency.

By Shell on Feb 22, 2024

A proper focus on lubrication can reduce your total cost of ownership in two ways:

  1. By ensuring that all your vehicles are supplied with the most appropriate lubricant, based on OEM specs and operating conditions.
  2. By training and educating your workforce to ensure your team understands the importance and principles of effective lubricant management.

For Shell fleet customers, the most obvious advantage of working with our experts is a quantifiable improvement in fuel efficiency. Beyond this, our team can help identify further opportunities to drive down costs from extending your vehicle life through the protection of critical components to reducing unplanned downtime.

Employee Education

Education is critical because your employees do the driving and maintenance – and these are other areas where you can save. Improving your driving performance in challenging conditions, such as changeable weather or when carrying higher loads, is another way to protect your trucks in the long run. Performing maintenance tasks correctly, on time, and with the right products, also helps to ensure their longevity.

Technical Specialists Available

Our technical specialists are ready to work with you to optimize your lubricant portfolio to minimize the number of products on your shelf and reduce the chance of human error. We have helped our customers around the world to save at least $139 million through the proper selection and application of lubricants and through training and empowering staff in lubrication management.

In today’s market, there are mounting challenges facing fleet owners and operators. From more stringent emissions regulations to rising fuel costs and growing competition – particularly in the wake of sophisticated digital innovations – fleet operators need to be sharper than ever in order to protect and grow their businesses, and we are here to help.

Based on research commissioned by Shell Lubricants, conducted by Edelman Intelligence (Nov - Dec 2015.)

  1. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is defined by Shell Lubricants as the total amount spent on the equipment, incl. cost of acquisition and operation over its entire working life, and costs from lost production during downtime.
  2. Based on savings delivered to Shell Lubricants customers.


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