Driving Toward a More Sustainable Future

Driving Toward a More Sustainable Future

Explore Shell’s initiative for the future of energy with a new and improved truck design that joins innovation and clean technology: Shell Starship 3.0.

By Shell on Jul 12, 2023

Since its launch in 2018, the Shell Starship initiative has strived to push the boundaries of energy-efficient truck design. With each generation of the Starship, Shell continues to demonstrate how the commercial road transport sector can collaborate to reduce energy usage and CO2 emissions by harnessing the best of currently available technologies as the industry looks to trusted partners like Shell, to help accelerate their progress with decarbonization solutions.

Text Break (Visual Separator): As Shell works to bring innovation and clean technology across the transport industry, Shell Starship will continue to lead the way forward.

Like the first two versions, the new Starship 3.0 will capitalize on some of the latest available technology, including being powered by renewable natural gas. The truck will now be powered by a Cummins X15N™ natural gas engine that will run on Shell Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), which is commercially available and has a low carbon intensity rating. RNG is a natural gas transportation fuel derived from organic waste and is interchangeable with compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquid natural gas (LNG) in transport vehicles.

Shell Starship 3.0 will include components and features that promote lightweighting and low aerodynamic drag, along with low rolling resistance tires from Bridgestone. The interior of the truck has been updated to make it comfortable for the driver on the road and inviting for passengers along for the ride.

Starship 3.0 serves as a testament to the potential of collaboration and coordination within the commercial road transport industry to create a more sustainable and cleaner energy future today.

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