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Efficiency Delivered: Shell Starship 3.0

Get a closer look inside the Starship 3.0 unveiled in May at the ACT Expo.

By Shell on Jul 12, 2023

Shell Starship 3.0 has successfully completed a U.S. West Coast demonstration run to once again, showcase the art of the possible for efficiency and carbon reduction in commercial road transport. This 3rd generation Starship truck, equipped with a Cummins X15N™ natural gas engine and powered by renewable natural gas (RNG), ran a fully loaded trailer on an 840-mile loop throughout California collecting critical performance data. Dr. Selda Gunsel, president of Shell Global Solutions and VP fuels and lubricants technology, is quoted noting, “If we improve freight ton efficiency and fuel economy, the fleets can reduce their fuel consumption, which improves their total cost of ownership, which also improves carbon dioxide side emissions. It’s a great way of making an impact today in the decarbonization of commercial road transport.” Since its start in 2018, the Starship initiative has showcased that innovation and collaboration throughout the transport industry can lead to exceptional results.

Link: https://www.ttnews.com/articles/shell-starship-emissions

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