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Top of Your Game: Chain of Custody

Learn about why engine oil chain of custody is important for fleets.

By Shell on Jul 12, 2023

Protecting the Engine Oil Chain of Custody is Important for Fleets

Ensures the Proper Oil is Poured into Truck Engines

High-quality parts are essential when servicing or repairing a truck as they can prevent future breakdowns and help to keep it running safely. The ability to examine the packaging and the part or product helps provide assurance that you are getting what you ordered.

When you receive or purchase engine oil in bulk it goes into a tank and you can’t easily confirm it’s the product you ordered. That’s why it is important to work with a trusted supplier or distributor that can confirm the chain of custody the oil has followed since being formulated. That way you can have the confidence you will receive the Shell Rotella engine oil type and viscosity grade you ordered.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has a critically important program in place to ensure the integrity of the chain of custody of bulk oil shipments which provides protection for fleets, shops and vehicle dealers that purchase oil in bulk. API 1525A - Bulk Engine Oil Chain of Custody and Quality Documentation protects the quality of the oil throughout the supply chain for all parties involved with delivering finished bulk engine oil to those pouring it into engines.

All parties involved with supplying finished bulk engine oil to shops have a role in protecting the quality of the oil throughout the supply chain. Responsibility for quality starts with the oil manufacturer or marketer and ends with the installer. The blender, the transporter/distributor and the installer that originally ordered the product have a role in ensuring the quality of the engine oil received matches the quality ordered. API 1525A describes the requirements incumbent upon each of these roles to ensure engine oil quality is maintained. The bottom line is that you can be assured that the bulk oil you are pouring is the quality and viscosity grade expected when API 1525A requirements are met.

Shell works to ensure that standards set by API 1525A to protect the chain of custody for are followed. We recommend that you review documentation of bulk oil shipments that you receive to be certain that the chain of custody has been properly maintained.

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