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We are in a strong position to provide your business with a better energy future. Shell has a long history and extensive experience of delivering and operating complex and technically challenging energy solutions. We are committed to delivering and operating to the highest technical and safety standards. Distributed Energy offers an extensive portfolio of products and services. Our solutions include on-site generation through renewables and CHP, cleaner energy solutions across a global portfolio of gas, power, and environmental products. We can tailor these opportunities to specifically suit your business and provide a complete solution which is designed to help you increase cost effectiveness, reliability, and sustainability.

Through our Distributed Energy platform, you’ll have access to the most efficient and reliable equipment. We’ll manage all design, procurement, installation, and maintenance for your energy infrastructure.

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Energy Supply & Market Access

Shell Energy Marketing and Trading has power operations in 20+ countries with differing regulations and market structures. In the USA and Canada, Shell Energy North America (SENA) and its subsidiaries trade and market natural gas, wholesale power, environmental and risk management products and ranks within the top three gas and power marketers in its region.

Energy Supply and Offtake

Energy Supply and Offtake

We work with Shell Energy North America, offering a global and diverse portfolio of cleaner energy solutions delivered with extensive scale and reliability. These include natural gas, power and environmental products.

Natural Gas Solutions

Natural Gas Solutions

The natural choice for cleaner hydrocarbon energy. Shell Energy North America can work with you to address your needs, with our extensive experience marketing natural gas within the USA and Canada and a sales volume of 10.5 billion cubic feet per day.

Power Solutions

Power Solutions

We manage more than 10,500 MW of power generation from power plants across North America, enough to supply more than 5 million homes, with more than a third of that power coming from renewable sources including hydro, wind and solar, We are a registered provider of electricity in numerous states and provinces and our extensive knowledge of and activity within the market allow us to offer customers a wide range of tailored solutions.

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  • Cost Reduction

    Cost Reduction

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  • Efficiency and Sustainability

    Efficiency and Sustainability

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