Senior Living Provider – Solar and LED Upgrades

Customer Need

A senior living provided needed to conduct both building renovation and portfolio expansion projects to to fulfill its mission, but the company didn’t have the time or capital — or want to take on the risk— to do both at once.


A combined technology solution that included solar and LED lighting was deployd at 16 different locationsand, allowing the customers to upgrade their energy systems with a subscription model to avoid any upfront costs. The risk-free guarantee also covers equipment maintenance. For the senior living provider, this meant it could get the indoor and outdoor lighting critical to resident safety and happiness without having to divert resources away from its growth.


By utilizing the subscription approach the senior living provider has been able to improve the overall aesthetic of their communities and resident safety, while continuing to expand their geographic footprint. In addition, the company is currently saving nearly $99,000 per year and on utility bills and maintenance across its portfolio.


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