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Customer Need

A publishing company with a range of large building types including office blocks, television studios, printing presses, and data centers had more than $1 million in annual electricity spend. Buildings included one headquarter office, one print manufacturing plant, a data center, and a TV broadcast studio. Utility level monitoring did not give insights about load usage for shifting and peak reduction opportunities.


Controls and submetering were deployed allowing the client to monitor real-time data at the asset level (60 month contract).  This increased visibility into energy usage enabled the organization to proactively manage site operations and make needed adjustments. Intalled submetering and monitoring devices included assets like HVAC, lighting, compressors, and more.


The submetered data enabled facility managers to view real-time energy consumption and patterns across their different building types so they could better manage their energy consumption and facility operations. The data insights obtained led to resource prioritization and to a projection of energy savings of $100,000/year.


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