Healthcare: Leveraging Energy-consumption Insights

Customer Need

A hospital owner wanted to reduce the energy spend and gain insight into site operations of its highest energy consuming site. However, the solution could not disrupt normal business operations, sacrifice patient comfort, nor interfere with emergency power systems.


SubMetering equipment was deployed, allowing the customers to gain asset-level insights into their facilities and more effectively manage their energy infrastructure. For the hospital, this meant that they could effectively rebalance air handling units and compute the benefits of replacing cooling tower fans with variable frequency drives (VFDs) and new controls.


Since deploying the energy management solution (a 5-year contract), the hospital owner has seen tangible results. In addition to saving $51,000 per year on utility bills & maintenance and reducing CO2 emmisions by 625,000 lbs/year, the owner was able to determine that the planned purchase of a third back-up generator was unnecessary (through a deeper understanding of available reserve energy capacity), avoiding a nearly $2 million capital expense.

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