Financial Services – LED Lighting Upgrades

Customer Need

A leading global financial services firm needed to meet publicly stated energy reduction goals. To do so, it sought out a strategy to ensure expedited portfolio-wide adoption of efficient technologies on a rolling basis, without diverting time and money away from its core business.


A lighting retrofit to LED lights was performed at two of the client’s locations in Maryland. These retrofits were funded using a monthly subscription plan, allowing the client to pay for energy efficiency upgrades over time instead of upfront. For the financial services firm, this meant that it could effectively fund the projects through energy and operational savings while meetings its energy reduction targets.


The LED lighting upgrades (a 10-year contract) have yielded $20,000/year in energy savings and have contributed to a reduction of 2.5 million lbs/year in CO2 emission. The firm now has a clear path to progressively upgrading other properties to meet its long-term energy reduction targets.

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