Occupational Summary

Mechanical engineers in the petrochemical industry provide engineering design and guidance, working with other engineers and production personnel to develop and maintain work processes. You prepare and present technical status reviews, analyze equipment performance and recommend solutions that improve on-stream time and repair costs. You have the opportunity to solve complex problems requiring situational analysis and in-depth data evaluation. You review equipment failures in the field and create solutions that improve performance and reduce downtime. Strong math and science skills required.

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Prior related summer intern or co-op experience such as commissioning of instrument/electrical control systems, wiring/schematic designs, control/production relaying, etc. is a plus. Equivalent years of military service may be acceptable, in lieu of experience.

The roles described in this section are not actual job postings, but rather general descriptions of roles that will be needed in the future at Pennsylvania Chemicals.

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STC – Shell Polymers

STC – Shell Polymers

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Shell Polymers Project

Shell Polymers Project

The Shell Polymers plant will be located on the banks of the Ohio River in Beaver County. It will produce two main classifications of polyethylene. The project will bring new growth and jobs to the region, with an expected 600 permanent employees.

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More in types of roles

Analyzer Technician

Maintaining and repairing monitoring systems for plants is at the core of this position.


Your experience installing and repairing boilers and building containers for liquids and gases will play a critical role in maintaining the plant’s system of vats and vessels.