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Analyzer Technician

Maintaining and repairing monitoring systems for plants is at the core of this position.


Your experience installing and repairing boilers and building containers for liquids and gases will play a critical role in maintaining the plant’s system of vats and vessels.

Electrical Engineer

Help develop better ways of utilizing plant power. You will review electrical systems and motors at manufacturing units to improve efficiencies and cut costs.

Environmental Engineer

Ensure that the facility obtains and complies with environmental permits, and communicates with oversight agencies.

Health & Safety Manager

This skilled and critical role ensures the wellbeing of the plant and its people through early identification and evaluation of safety-related issues.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Safety is an integral part of operating heavy equipment. A track record of safely operating and maintaining heavy equipment is essential for this role.

Maintenance Engineer

Problem-solver and innovator, this position works closely with other engineers to improve and maintain work processes.

Maintenance Team Lead

In this role, you will supervise maintenance crafts personnel to ensure quality performance and safe, efficient execution.

Mechanical Engineer

Provide engineering design and oversight while working with others to develop and maintain work processes.

Process Safety Manager

This role’s central focus is leadership in safety for the people working in the facility, and for the facility itself.

Rotating Equipment Engineer

Work collaboratively with engineers and production teams to keep operations running smoothly through optimized work processes.

Safety Specialist

Serve in a critical support role to ensure field health and safety stay a top priority.