Shell Polymers is committed to supporting education in Beaver County and around the world.

Supporting the community workforce

The Shell Center for Process Technology and Other college programs

Shell reviewed local workforce development content in the region in 2014 and recognized the need for a regional Process Technology degree program. Shell chose Community College of Beaver County (CCBC) to meet our long-term goals in 2015, working with the College and approximately 40 other area employers to build the 2-year degree program at CCBC. 

Since then, Shell has continued to provide meaningful support to the CCBC as well as other technical colleges in the area to help create educational opportunities that lead to careers.

  • Starting in December 2016, Shell Polymers Monaca has provided equipment and other materials to students as well as thirty four scholarships. Since then, we have hired numerous graduates from the Process Technology Programs.

  • A one million dollar endowment to facilitate construction of a new process technology facility with naming rights. The new Shell Center for Process Technology Education now sits proudly on the CCBC campus.

  • Working with other employers and local schools in the region to create awareness of 2-year degree program and career paths it creates.

School Outreach

Working in cooperation with an organization called “Building Hope” – founded by Beaver County Judge Jim Ross, Shell representatives have worked with the Judge, the Community College of Beaver County, representatives from local Building Trades and the Beaver County NAACP. The groups has made presentations at high schools across Beaver County to educate students about career paths in industry. While the global pandemic has halted such direct, in-person outreach, Building Hope produced a video so that relevant information will continue to be shared with interested high school students.

Challenge Program

Through the generous support of Shell Polymers and Huntington Bank, The Challenge Program is able to bring its mission to several Beaver County Schools. The Challenge Program (TCP) is an educational non-profit that brings together business and education while incentivizing students to do their very best. TCP offers $200 cash awards in five categories critical for success in and out of the classroom –Attendance, STEM, Community Service, Academic Improvement and Academic Excellence – to students in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students. In addition to these awards, TCP offers students a chance to learn about businesses and careers that are in their own back yard.

TCP offers $200 cash awards in five categories critical for success in and out of the classroom –Attendance, STEM, Community Service, Academic Improvement and Academic Excellence

Shell Polymers and Huntington Bank are bringing a dynamic partnership to the students of Rochester, New Brighton, Beaver Falls, and Aliquippa. Students will first learn about the new Shell Polymer plant being built in Beaver County as well as career opportunities there through the help of a virtual classroom takeover. Shell’s team outlines some of the most in-demand careers at the plant, along with educational pathways to secure a position and salary expectations for these positions. Students also learn about careers that may not be as obvious in a company like Shell – such as environmentalists, speech writers, lawyers, and communications specialists – as well as the soft skills necessary to be a desirable employee.

Huntington Bank will then follow up these classroom takeovers with an interactive virtual Financial Literacy Day, focusing their curriculum based on positions students may have with Shell. Students will learn how to make a life with their earnings at Shell, including a game of Life asking students to budget for clothing, housing, food, transportation, and entertainment based on a career, credit score and family status provided through the exercise. Students will learn the value of a dollar through a real-life scenario with the assistance of Huntington Bank and Shell Polymers.

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