Southern California Products System

A trusted partner for safe, dependable and cost-effective product transportation from origination to destination, Shell is your market connection.

Shell recognizes that protecting the quality of products it ships and distributes is critical to its success and to its customers' success. Shell's focus on quality and safety is underscored through programs to test and monitor products, pipelines and terminals through all phases of transportation.

In excess of 400 acres, the Carson Terminal which includes the Mormon Island Marine Terminal offers storage capacity of over 4.5 million barrels of clean products including ethanol.

The Shell Carson facility is connected to an extensive industry infrastructure network of major local refiners, pipelines, terminals, a rail facility and the Shell Mormon Island Marine Terminal. We also supply 2 of our terminals, Signal Hill and Van Nuys, by direct pipeline from the Carson Terminal. The Shell Carson Terminal is the largest west coast ethanol hub, supplied by water and rail, with truck rack loading facilities.  Shell Carson also has a CARB diesel loading truck rack.

The Shell Carson facility, serving both domestic and international customers, is directly connected to the Kinder Morgan Watson Terminal and is a major supplier of products to the Kinder Morgan inter and intra-state pipeline system.  We are also connected to the Los Angeles International Airport and we are a major supplier of product and terminal storage for domestic and international jet supplies.

The Shell Carson Terminal with its water, pipe, rail and truck access, offers terminal storage, trading and transportation opportunities for all of your market needs.

Your resource for reliable, cost-effective transportation services.

The Southern California Products System is part of a network that provides unequaled access to key refining centers and markets in North America. No transportation and storage provider offers the coverage that we can, thanks to our tailored services and vast network of mainlines, distribution systems, interconnects and terminals. We have a proven track record of operating excellence and high utilization rates.

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