In 1992, the refinery was decommissioned and dismantled.

Today the facility is approximately 400+ acres and operates as a distribution facility by receiving and distributing fuels throughout the Southern California region via pipeline and truck delivery.

The Carson complex is connected to satellite terminals which include Mormon Island Marine Terminal at the Los Angeles Port, Van Nuys Terminal and Signal Hill Terminal.

Additionally, the Carson Terminal serves as the largest ethanol hub on the West Coast. Ethanol is blended into gasoline to help it burn cleaner, which helps improve air quality.

Carson operations are dedicated to safety and put safety as the top priority.

The many professionals at the facility provide expertise in purchasing, finance, environmental stewardship, health and safety, communications, human resources, training and social performance.

These individuals as well many before them have helped the Shell Carson facility become an integral and respected part of the community.

We at Shell are proud of that relationship and will continue to work to preserve it by continuing to conduct our business safely, with integrity and efficiency, and with open communication with our neighbors.

Carson Terminal – Manager’s Message from Sandeep Sharma

The Carson Terminal is a critical part of the energy infrastructure in Southern California. Safety is our priority and we work diligently to be a good corporate neighbor to ensure that our operations are clean, efficient and respectful to the environment.

I value and take our commitment to safety personally and will work to make sure that all employees are committed to safety all day and every day.  Our core principles of Honesty, Integrity and Respect guide us in our daily work.  We are proud of our history in Carson and our commitment to community involvement and social performance.

My goal is to make sure we continue to be an integral part of the community and that we work together to keep our communities safe while meeting the energy demands of Southern California. 

If you have questions regarding our operations please contact us at 310-816-2000.

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