two workers in Shell Convent Refinery

The refinery is located on a 4,400-acre tract of land that straddles Ascension and St. James Parishes in Louisiana. The processing equipment is located in St. James Parish and occupies approximately 900 acres. The refinery uses two docks along 6,000 feet of Mississippi River access.

What We Make

  • Gasoline: Regular, premium unleaded and low-sulfur gasoline. The refinery produces reformulated and conventional gasoline for domestic and expat markets
  • Aviation Jet Fuel
  • Diesel Fuel and Heating Oil: Known as #2 Oil. Low-sulfur diesel is used in the trucking industry and in heavy-duty machinery. Heating oil is used as fuel for furnaces
  • Propane and Butane: Liquefied Petroleum Gas for domestic and industrial uses
  • #6 Oil: Tanker fuel, power generation and locomotives
  • Refinery Grade Sulfur

How We Transport It

The facility has access to multiple major crude oil and product pipelines, which ship gasoline, diesel, kerosene and jet fuel. The site’s location on the Mississippi River allows from shipping and receiving petroleum products to ocean going vessels.

Dock Facilities

Shell has two docks located on the Mississippi River that includes 6,000 feet of riverfront along the levee.

Safety and Social Responsibility

The safety and quality of life of the citizens in the surrounding communities and our employees are a main focus of operations at our facility. We strive to operate at all times in a safe, reliable and environmentally-sound manner.

Production Capacity

Daily capacities are:

  • Crude: 240,000 barrels processed
  • Gasoline: 115,000 barrels (4.8 million gallons) – regular and premium grades
  • Jet-A aviation fuel: 31,000 barrels (1.3 million gallons)
  • Low-sulfur diesel: 77,000 barrels (3.2 million gallons)
  • Sulfur: 700 LT/560 784 tons (1.54 million pounds)

Shell in Louisiana – Statewide Impact

With more than 100 years of history in Louisiana, nearly every aspect of Shell’s business is represented, including oil and gas exploration and production, pipeline supply and distribution, refining, chemicals, LNG for transport and an extensive retail network. With more than 4,400 employees, Shell contributes $7.7 million to Louisiana communities and pays $200 million in taxes each year.

Shell Convent History

  • 2017 - On May 1, 2017, the separation of the Joint Venture between Royal Dutch Shell and Saudi Aramco is completed, making the Convent Refinery fully owned and operated by Royal Dutch Shell.
  • 2001-2002 - In 2001, Texaco was purchased by Chevron and its interest in Motiva was sold to Shell Oil and Saudi Refining, Inc. on February 13, 2002.
    Revamp of Convent included the addition of a new crude unit (VPS-2) with a capacity of 100 MBPD. To process the increased amount of vacuum residuum available in the Arab crudes, a Resid Hydrocracker (H-Oil), a Hydrogen Generation Unit (HGU) along with three new sulfur plants (SRU - 3, 4 & 5) were built. Convent is one of three refineries in the world with an H-Oil Unit.
  • 1998 - On July 1, 1998, a joint venture was formed between Texaco, Saudi Refining and Shell Oil Company under the name Motiva
  • MID-1980’S - In the mid-1980s, the refinery capacity approximately doubled.
  • 1967 - The Convent Refinery began operations as a Texaco refinery in 1967


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