The Shell Robert Training Center is dedicated to helping its customers achieve success by providing top-notch skills training, development, and technical consulting services. With a focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the center is committed to helping its clients meet and exceed their goals.

Our courses are available as on-site classes, e-learning or virtual classes. If you need more information about the courses listed in our catalog (LINK TO CATALOG), please email: for or call (985)543-1200.

Enrollment Process

  • Shell Employees & Core Contractors with a Shell email All classes are listed in Workday for self-enrollment.
  • NOTE: If you are a core contractor, please seek approval from your company prior to enrolling in Workday.
  • All external customers will be enrolled separately in our external learning management system. Training Coordinators will need to complete an enrollment form to begin registration for all learners or send you request to If this is your first-time sending employees to our facility, we will need to get an account setup for billing, and complete a facility agreement form in addition to the enrollment form. For additional information email



Lodging Reservations

All course tuitions include meals as part of your stay, and also includes lodging for all multi-day classes. Lodging is not automatically setup when you are confirmed for a class, so please do make a formal reservation request when lodging is needed. To reserve lodging, please send an email to with your name, course attending, and check in/out dates.

NOTE: If you are a Shell employee and require lodging, it is expected for you to stay at RTC. Please consult your manager if you decide not to stay at RTC.

Upon Arrival:

Room keys can be picked up between 2:30pm and 4:00pm from security located at the Willow reception desk.

For arrivals after 4:00pm, please visit the security guard shack for your room key.

Check out is at 8:00am. Room keys are to be placed in the drop box by the Willow reception desk.

During regular business hours, you can visit our receptionists for assistance, located in Oak, Magnolia, and Willow buildings. A monitor is in all buildings displaying the daily training schedule and assigned lunch times.

Willow Residential Hall is the main lodging building. The Pine Residential Hall is our secondary lodging building. See site map for building locations.

The entrance gate will be locked daily from 8pm to 6am. To gain access, call the RTCC Security Guard at 504-252-1082.

Indoor Activities:

Televisions are available in the Robert Café (main dining hall), Robert Bistro (Magnolia Building) and the lodge area of the Willow Residential Halls. TVs are also located in each bedroom of both lodging quarters buildings.

Workout facility is in the southwest corner of the Willow Building (new quarters).

a.  Do not consume alcohol before working out.
b.  Please read ground rules before working out.
c.  Drink plenty of water.

Pool table, foosball table, ping pong table, X-box, dominos, checkers, playing cards, chess, and shuffleboard gaming equipment are in the lodge and game room areas of the Willow Residential Hall. Additional gaming facilities are located on the second floor, in the open area above the lodge.

Movie DVDs are located near the fireplace in the lodge area of the Willow Residential Hall. X-box games must be checked out/in from the Willow Receptionist.

Outdoor Activities:

Ask security at the Willow Receptionist Desk for the following equipment:

Basketball - half court play - west end of student parking lot behind the Robert Café.

Volleyball – a volleyball court is located by the Pine Building.

Fishing is available in the SRTCC ponds.

Jogging/walking – from south corner of Willow Residential Hall to Hwy 445 and back is approximately 1 mile.

If you have special dietary needs, please let our galley staff know.

Meal Times:

  • Breakfast 6AM – 8AM
  • Lunch 11AM – 1PM
  • Dinner 5PM – 6:30PM

Lodging Requests:

Meeting Requests:


RTC has numerous classrooms, workspaces, and meeting spaces available. 

Meeting rooms and classrooms can accommodate anywhere from 8 – 150 people. After hour socials are also available to those who conduct meetings or conferences at RTC. Alcohol, hors d’oeuvres and dinner for these socials are available upon request.

Meeting space set-up can be altered according to specific needs of those hosting the gathering. Facilities Request Forms are required to book and secure these meeting rooms and are based upon availability at time of the request. Please note, rooms are subject to change prior to meeting date.

Workspaces are also available at RTC. These spaces include a workstation and meals for each day on site. These work area requests also require a Facilities Request From to be completed and submitted to the Operation’s Coordinator.

Facility Request Forms can be submitted by email to Michelle DeLaune at

Any questions regarding Meetings or Workspaces can be directed to Michelle DeLaune at

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Skills training, skills development, and technical consulting in a timely and cost effective manner.

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Skills training, skills development, and technical consulting in a timely and cost effective manner.

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Skills training, skills development, and technical consulting in a timely and cost effective manner.