Tracey Anderson
Tracey Anderson


Tracey Anderson


Civil Lead and Project Engineer

Describe your current job in 15 words or less:

I am the civil engineer for the refinery and also manage projects.


Michigan Technological University (undergrad), University of Michigan (grad school)

What inspired you to become an engineer?

I have always enjoyed figuring out how things work, and my dad is an engineer so I had a great role model!

What do you enjoy most about working at PSR?

The people here are fantastic. Even if I’m having a rough day, I can always find someone to make me laugh. And it doesn’t hurt to see Mt Baker from the office on a clear day 😊.

Talk a little about how you collaborate with other PSR colleagues (in different departments) for safe and successful refinery operation.

In both my roles, I get to work on a lot of different things with people in many other departments, from other engineers to Operations to Maintenance to Safety or Environmental or Process Safety and so many others. It’s nice to get to know all those different people and work on something different every day. And it’s very satisfying to see the implementation of a solution to a problem and know that you helped make it happen.

What advice to would you share with kids considering an engineering career?

If you think you might want to be an engineer, just go for it and give it a try! There are so many different things that engineers do, you’re sure to find something that you’ll enjoy.

If you weren’t an engineer, what would you be?

A microbiologist! ……. Or a lawyer.

What beverage do you drink to start your day?

Coffee please – preferably espresso made from my favorite beans from Kaladi Brothers!

Favorite book?

Any book written by my favorite author, Mary Roach.

One of your favorite hobbies?

I love to travel and see the world, whether exploring somewhere right here in my backyard or on another continent. And if I can hike while there, even better! I’ve visited 39 countries, all 7 continents, and 44 of our national parks – and counting.

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