Taylor Green and family
Taylor Green and family


Taylor Green


Machinery Engineer Discipline Lead

Describe your current job in 15 words or less:

I look out for the long-term health of rotating equipment at PSR.


The University of Texas at Austin

What inspired you to become an engineer?

I like solving tricky technical problems.

What do you enjoy most about working at PSR?

We get to work in a safe and reliable refinery while living in a very scenic area. It’s very hard to find both of those things in the same place.

Talk a little about how you collaborate with other PSR colleagues (in different departments) for safe and successful refinery operation.

The most interesting problems we work on are inter-disciplinary and no one knows everything about each discipline. I try to learn from clever people in each group to find the best solution for each problem.

What advice to would you share with kids considering an engineering career?

Engineering is a great career option for curious people that enjoy learning and aren’t afraid of math and science. Good engineers will be able to continue to learn well into their career and they will enjoy finding better answers to problems that have been around for a long time.

If you weren’t an engineer, what would you be?

A physicist or an economist.

What beverage do you drink to start your day?

Water and then coffee.

Favorite book?


One of your favorite hobbies?

Hiking around the ACFL trails in Anacortes.

Anything else you want to share?

Kids thinking about engineering as a career should know that effort and curiosity will make them much better engineers than intellect alone. A person that isn’t the smartest but works hard and is genuinely interested in their work will come up with better ideas than a very smart person that doesn’t care much about what they are doing.

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