Ready to respond

Preparedness (n): a state of readiness.

Our people are always prepared to respond to an emergency. At any hour of any day, 365 days out of the year there are trained state-certified emergency responders on-site at Shell Puget Sound Refinery (PSR).

PSR has approximately 145 people who volunteer to be emergency responders on one or more of our onsite fire, medical, oil spill or hazmat teams.

These teams spend hours training on first responder skills every year, but it isn’t their day job. They volunteer for these teams – and those extra hours of training – in addition to their regular positions at PSR. Many of them are operators within our production teams, some are part of our health and safety staff and others are members of our maintenance teams who not only train to respond but spend each day maintaining the site to help prevent emergencies from happening.

At all times, there are a minimum of six fire brigade members and two medical team members within the PSR fence to help keep both employees and our community safe.

Keeping skills sharp during COVID-19

Training for these emergency responders has been a little different during 2020. While they usually do quarterly drills in-person or even travel to different parts of Washington or around the country for inter-agency trainings and tabletop exercises, things have been a bit different this year. Instead, they are doing more on-line trainings and refresher courses or working on in-person skills with masks, small groups and proper social distancing.

Our oil spill teams are masking up and social distancing on response boats to continue monthly personal and equipment trainings to meet Department of Ecology and other strict environmental regulations here in Washington state.

Staying focused

While the training is a little different this year, our teams are just as focused on completing it successfully. We hope they never have to use the skills they practice, but each member of our emergency response team knows that their colleagues and their communities rely on them to help keep them safe.

Thank you to our emergency responders for your preparedness and your safety-first focus, as you foster a culture of care inside and outside the fence line of PSR.