Lego Bricks toy

Have you ever built a wall-sized mosaic out of LEGO bricks? Josh Wedin, an operator at Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery, has designed and constructed so many that he stopped counting.

Josh grew up in Mount Vernon, WA and initially thought he would become a teacher after studying history in college. But then he realized office life wasn’t a good fit, and he needed to find a different career path. After jobs at a sawmill and processing plant, he spotted an opening at Shell and applied for it. He has worked at the site for 11 years as an operator.

Outside of work, Josh pursues LEGO design and building as a creative outlet. As a kid, he loved building with LEGO, and the passion never faded as he grew older. Shortly after college, he began to view LEGO as an art form. Now, he spends numerous hours each month designing and constructing mosaics, castles and other elaborate structures. He and a friend launched The Brothers Brick in 2006, and it’s now the biggest LEGO fan site in the world. You can view a lot of Josh’s work on his Flickr page.

“With LEGO, you can build anything you want, tear it all down and then build something completely different with it. I love having that kind of freedom and the creativity that it generates.”

Josh has won numerous awards at various LEGO conventions and conferences, and his family is also involved in the LEGO hobby. He is well-regarded in the LEGO fan world, and LEGO regularly asks him to review the latest products before they’re released to consumers. 

LEGO may serve as Josh’s primary hobby, but giving back to the community also plays a key role in his life.