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PSR leads discussion at Anacortes Senior College

As has become a tradition for the General Manager of the Puget Sound Refinery, Shirley Yap took the stage in October to lead a discussion about the refinery as part of the annual “Industries of Anacortes” series hosted by the Anacortes Senior College (ASC). However this year, in addition to a discussion led by the General Manager of PSR, Shell also brought in an Engineer and Chemist from the PSR team to present on the “Mini-PSR refinery,” providing a unique lens into the refining process.

The “Mini-PSR Refinery” is a special distillation unit, made mostly of glass, which allows the viewer to see how the distillation process works. While the actual refining process distills crude oil and creates critical products that people depend on such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and propane, the “Mini-PSR Refinery” models the distillation process with water and food coloring, to demonstrate how molecules are separated within the various towers at the Puget Sound Refinery.

Over 30 ASC students participated in the class and engaged in informative discussion about the refining process, Shell’s place in the community, and the importance of industry to Anacortes. 

“Our students love learning about local industries and the important role they play in helping Anacortes to be the great place that it is,” said Tom Kuhn, past president of the Anacortes Senior College. “We always appreciate Shell’s willingness to participate in the Anacortes Senior College, as this was the fourth presentation Shell has made to the Senior College since we opened our doors 9 years ago.”

ASC was launched in the Spring of 2007 with the objective to provide an enjoyable learning and social experience for those who are 50-years and above. Since 2007, ASC has reached more than 3,000 seniors/students and created a roster of nearly 70 instructors. ASC is entirely run by and taught by volunteers. For more information about ASC, visit their website at

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Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery is a place where generations of area residents have found jobs, built careers, supported families and strengthened their communities.

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