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Eddie Murdock spends his work shifts as an operator at the Shell Puget Sound Refinery, but he’s best known for capturing the Anacortes area’s spectacular scenery in arresting photographs.

As Eddie’s many followers on social media know, he is rarely without a camera, and constantly on the lookout for spectacular shots. He’s been an avid photographer for a dozen years, since he picked up an early digital point-and-shoot camera.

“I just got hooked ever since then,” Eddie says. “I found my niche. I like to shoot things that people take for granted, that you drive by every day without thinking about them.”

During his workday, Eddie works as a console operator or a lead outside operator, often tracking as many as 50 different indicators to make sure that the refinery continues to work properly and safely to produce the fuels that fuel life in the northwest. The refinery has recently purchased some of Eddie’s images for permanent display at the facility.

Eddie came to Anacortes at 19 and has now lived here 24 years. He and his wife, a local real estate agent, have three children, two of whom graduated from high school this year.

Outside the refinery, his passion has led him to upgrade his photography gear to capture ever-more challenging images. His most recent acquisition: A drone for aerial photography.

His favorite subjects: “The Northern Lights, or any new location that I discover with my drone. A lot of people will shoot a mountain, a bird, a sunset. The sunset may just be phenomenal, but I try to find something else to put in that sunset.’ 

He’s working with other drone operators in the Anacortes area to ease concerns that drones are intrusive, privacy-threatening devices.

“If you see a drone in Anacortes, chances are that it’s one of us and we’re not spying on you,” Eddie says.

To see the results from the drone, as well as the rest of Eddie’s photography, check him out at http://eddiemurdock.zenfolio.com/ or on the Eddie Murdock Photography page on Facebook

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