Around 10:30am on Wednesday September 7th, the Shell Puget Sound Refinery experienced an operational disruption, which resulted in an evacuation of refinery personnel. There were no off-site impacts and none are expected. There have been no injuries reported, all on-site personnel have been accounted for, and appropriate agency notifications have been made. 

Non-essential personnel have been released to go home as the on-site emergency response team continues to manage the refinery’s operational issue. The health and safety of our people and the community are of the utmost importance, and Shell would like to thank our outstanding emergency response personnel for their quick and ongoing response to this issue. We will continue to keep the community informed and we encourage community members who have questions, comments or concerns to contact the Refinery’s hotline at 360-293-1797.

Commitment to Our Community

Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery is a place where generations of area residents have found jobs, built careers, supported families and strengthened their communities.

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