On Friday afternoon, insulation from a pipeline spilled onto the ground during some maintenance work.  Noting that the material might contain asbestos, the workers immediately isolated and contained the issue.  The material was contained on site at the refinery with no impact to the community and none expected.  A sample was sent to an outside lab for testing which confirmed approximately 5-pounds of asbestos was present in the insulation material.

All appropriate agencies were notified when this issue occurred, and we are following up with each of the workers per our normal investigation protocols. There is no need for local residents to be concerned about exposure as it was a small amount of material that was contained on-site.  The notification made to the CAER system was done as part of a regulatory requirement and an abundance of caution.  The event was designated as a CAER Level O, meaning no outside impact.

We would like to thank our workers for their immediate and comprehensive response to this issue.  They followed all of the right procedures to immediately stop the work, isolate the equipment and ensure the safety of all involved.  Operations are normal at the refinery.

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