Earth Day

This year marks the 46th anniversary of Earth Day and Shell PSR was there to help make a difference.  A volunteer crew from PSR arrived at Deception Pass State Park early on Saturday morning, many with their kids in tow, to help out with the shoreline restoration that’s been happening there at Bowman Bay.

The day started with some great organization by the Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group, the Northwest Straits Foundation, Washington State Parks, the Samish Indian Nation, and the Washington Youth Conservation Corps.  After a quick talk about the restoration effort and a good safety briefing, volunteers divided into teams along the ¼ mile-long shoreline.  Armed with over 1200 native plants and sea grasses in hand, the volunteers successfully planted the shoreline restoration area in a record time of less than two hours!

Biologists and other marine science subject matters experts were on hand to educate all the volunteers on how the natural tidal processes have been restored through the removal of old rip-rap and how this combined with the newly-planted native vegetation will both prevent erosion of the shoreline naturally while improving the fish spawning habitat of the bay.

After the work concluded, several of our local marine experts led beach walks alongside the tide pools and pointed out some of the amazing marine life we are blessed with here in the Puget Sound.  The day concluded with a salmon BBQ as a thank you to the volunteer crew of over 200 volunteers!

Commitment to Our Community

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