Fidalgo Bay spill response - Update 1

Nov 16, 2019

The source of the crude oil spill that occurred overnight was identified to be a pressure relief valve on a barge and the source of the leak from the barge is confirmed to be secure. 

Fidalgo Bay spill response

Nov 16, 2019

At approximately 11:30pm on Friday November 15, Shell Puget Sound Refinery dock personnel identified a crude oil spill coming from a barge at the refinery’s dock on Fidalgo Bay. 

Making Waves: Nonprofit Turns Plastic Waste into Prosthetic Limbs

Aug 02, 2019

With the help of partners like Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery, the Million Waves Project takes discarded plastic waste in the ocean and turns it into prosthetic limbs for kids around the globe.

Shell & Bellingham Technical College Create Living Wage Careers

Jun 11, 2019

Have you ever seen a job change the trajectory of someone’s life? In partnership with Bellingham Technical College, we see this happen every day at Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery.

Family First, Mission Second

Mar 05, 2019

For Shell Puget Sound Refinery operator Ed Castleberry, family always comes first – at work and at home.

Shell Puget Sound Refinery Announces Planned Maintenance

Feb 25, 2019

Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery has planned maintenance – also known as a turnaround – on several processing units starting early next month. The turnaround will last roughly 1.5 months.

Shell Operators Save a Life

Dec 28, 2018

This past fall, three operators at Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery saved the life of a contractor who was working at the refinery’s dock.

Southern Resident Killer Whales to Benefit from More than $700,000 in New Grants

Nov 14, 2018

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) today announced $742,000 in grants to help stabilize and recover the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale population through projects on the Skagit and Snohomish rivers, around the San Juan Islands, and throughout the Salish Sea.

B&G Club Partners with Shell on Workforce Development

Nov 07, 2018

Watch a brief video about how Shell's Puget Sound Refinery partners with the Boys & Girls Club of Skagit County.

Helping Hands Feed the Community

Oct 08, 2018

Shell Puget Sound Refinery employees recently volunteered with the refinery’s contract partner Anvil at the Helping Hands Food Bank to pack more than 3,500 bags of food for hungry children across Skagit County, WA.

Refinery Employee Celebrates 44 Years of Shell Service

Jun 05, 2018

Shell Puget Sound Refinery’s longest-serving employee Boyd Wells never imagined that he’d work at the company for over 44 years. But after nearly 10 roles and hundreds of teammates later, he’s happier than ever. Why? For Boyd, it’s all about the people.

Shell Proudly Fuels Life in the Pacific Northwest

May 22, 2018

Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery is proud to fuel life in the Pacific Northwest – now and in the years to come! Hear from our employees and community partners about our history, vision, and our impact on the community we are privileged to call home.

Passion Never Rests: Leadership Skagit Develops Community Champions

Apr 09, 2018

The vision of Leadership Skagit is to develop leaders at all levels across Skagit County, and Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery has partnered with the program since 2008.

Love at First Flight

Mar 12, 2018

For Shell contractor Nicole O’Neill, kites are much more than a toy – they changed her life. Now, she’s passionate about changing others’ lives for the better through the power of kite flying.

Refinery Employees Share Passion for Giving Back

Jan 23, 2018

While employees at Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery have volunteered in their communities for decades, the refinery launched a new program in 2016 called the Community Cup – it aimed to take community volunteering to the next level, and it did. Over the last two years, employees have volunteered over 10,000 hours.

It’s Shredding Time

Jan 03, 2018

For Shell Puget Sound Refinery Operator Dan Donnelly, snowboarding is a way of life. While he no longer ‘shreds’ every day as a professional snowboarder, his experiences in the backcountry gave him a deep appreciation for safety and what it truly means to have someone’s back.

Shell Engineers Share Mini Refinery with Students

Dec 18, 2017

Two engineers from Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery recently presented a mini refinery demonstration to undergraduates taking an ‘Energy from the Earth’ course at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA.

Puget Sound Refinery Signs Statement of Support for Vets

Nov 25, 2017

Shell Puget Sound Refinery’s GM Shirley Yap and HR Manager Robin Yates recently signed a ‘statement of support’ to demonstrate the site’s continued support for veterans and reservists.

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Announces Grants to Aid Puget Sound’s Killer Whales

Nov 16, 2017

Conservation partners including SeaWorld and Shell work to provide a feast of Chinook salmon for killer whales this Thanksgiving.

Shell Gives Operator ‘Life-Changing Opportunity’

Oct 30, 2017

Alyssa Willis says receiving a job offer from Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery was a dream come true. When she was 16 years old, she took her first steps toward entering the oil and gas industry – fast forward two years and thousands of hours of training later, and she’s learning the ropes as the only female operator on Shell’s Alky/Poly unit.

Shell Operator Fosters Hope

Oct 26, 2017

For Shell Puget Sound Refinery Operator Josh Wedin, fostering a passion for LEGO design and opening his home – and his heart – to numerous foster children go hand in hand.

Shell Fuels Education in Anacortes

Oct 09, 2017

Shell Puget Sound Refinery’s 3rd annual Fueling Education Fun Run raised $40,000 for Anacortes schools.

Update #2: Odor Issue

Sep 29, 2017

Yesterday, the Shell Puget Sound Refinery detected an odor, which we later identified as coming from hydrocarbon material on the roof of a storage tank. The material on the roof has been removed.

Update: Odor Issue

Sep 28, 2017

This morning, the Shell Puget Sound Refinery detected an odor. We have since identified an on-site odor source coming from one of our tanks. We are actively collaborating with numerous businesses and agencies to determine if this odor is associated with other odor complaints in the community. We apologize to our neighbors for any concerns the odor may have caused. 

Odor Issue

Sep 28, 2017

On the morning of Sept. 28, the Shell Puget Sound Refinery detected an odor. 

National Fish & Wildlife Foundation Launches Killer Whale Conservation Program with Shell and Partners

Sep 06, 2017

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, SeaWorld, Shell, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration partnered to create the Killer Whale Research and Conservation Program to aid in the recovery of this incredible species.

Shell Puget Sound Refinery Announces Planned Maintenance

Sep 06, 2017

Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery has planned maintenance on several pieces of processing equipment starting in late September.

Dream Big: Early Learning in Skagit County, WA

Aug 28, 2017

Did you know that 60% of Skagit County, WA kids aren’t ready for kindergarten? That has serious implications for their futures. Learn how Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery, United Way, the Children’s Museum and many other community partners are working together to reverse the trend and ensure our kids have the chance to realize their full potential. 

HR Manager Looks for Life’s Positives

Aug 23, 2017

If anyone understands the true meaning of resilience, it’s Shell Puget Sound Refinery’s HR Manager Robin Yates. Despite major life obstacles that included his parents’ alcoholism, foster care, a cancer diagnosis and the tragic loss of his son, Yates refused to give up. 

Ready to Fuel Education?

Aug 14, 2017

The 3rd annual Fueling Education Fun Run 5K takes place on Sunday, Sept. 17 at 10 a.m. Anacortes. All proceeds go to the Anacortes Schools Foundation. 

Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery Conducts Oil Spill Response Training Near Cap Sante Marina

Aug 14, 2017

Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery plans to conduct an on water-based oil spill response training with the Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) and Washington State Department of Ecology (ECY) near the Cap Sante Marina in Anacortes on Tuesday, Aug. 15 from roughly 7 a.m.-1 p.m.

Shell Puget Sound Refinery Conducts Evacuation Drill

Aug 14, 2017

Today at 11:30 a.m., Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery will conduct a refinery evacuation drill. There will be 10 consecutive blasts of the site’s emergency horn, signaling a site-wide evacuation. This is different than the site’s usual “noon sirens” that occur every Wednesday. There is no need for concern. This is only a drill – not an emergency.

Shell Partners with B&G Club to Spark STEM Interest

Aug 09, 2017

Two engineers from Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery demonstrated how a mini refinery works to children in 1st-6th grade who attended the Boys & Girls Club of Skagit County’s STEM summer camp – sponsored by Shell.

On the Run: Reliability Manager Circumnavigates Whidbey Island

Aug 09, 2017

Shell Puget Sound Refinery’s Reliability Manager James Steller never backs down from a good challenge – especially if it benefits his community. That’s why he set a goal to run 160 miles around Whidbey Island, WA over Labor Day weekend to raise money for the Community Foundation for Coupeville Public Schools.

Tied Up in Knots: ERT to the Rescue

Aug 07, 2017

Meet Shell Puget Sound Refinery’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) and learn more about the importance of the ERT to the site – and the surrounding community.

Shell partners on National Fish & Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) Killer Whale Research and Conservation Program

Jun 09, 2017

Shell Oil Company enters as new partner with $250,000 contribution

Shell grant supports local invasive species monitoring and eradication

Feb 24, 2017

Northwest Straits Foundation awarded $10,000 grant from Shell Puget Sound Refinery

New program fuels friendly community service competition at Puget Sound Refinery

Jan 23, 2017

Puget Sound Refinery employees give over 6,000 hours of volunteer service to the community

A father’s long career at Shell PSR draws in his adult daughter

Nov 30, 2016

The refinery is very much a family affair for the two of them.

Shell fills the NEED to energize local classrooms

Nov 16, 2016

First National Energy Education Development (NEED) workshop ever held in Skagit County

From Antarctica’s ice to the shores of Puget Sound, Nate Biletnikoff works to protect the environment

Nov 11, 2016

Nate was attracted by the high-stakes challenges that oil companies face in protecting the environment, and by Shell’s approach to meeting those challenges.

Shell’s Fueling Education Fun Run Grows in Year Two

Oct 21, 2016

Second Year Event exceeds expectations by raising $52,000

Shell Puget Sound Refinery suspends permitting for crude-by-rail project

Oct 06, 2016

Economic conditions no longer support permitting of rail unloading facility

Two refinery colleagues look back on donating their kidneys to save others

Sep 27, 2016

Sheri Baker and Tod Johnson spend their days at Shell's Puget Sound Refinery designing and engineering systems to make the refinery and its neighbors safer. But they've got another thing in common: They both donated a kidney to help save the life of another person.

Refinery Issue Stabilized

Sep 07, 2016

The Shell Emergency Response Team has successfully concluded responding to the incident.

Operational Disruption at Puget Sound Refinery

Sep 07, 2016

Around 10:30am on Wednesday September 7th, the Shell Puget Sound Refinery experienced an operational disruption.

Shell and Boys & Girls Club partner to bring STEM education to area youth

Aug 26, 2016

Supporting STEM education is one of the Shell Puget Sound Refinery’s core social investment focus areas, and the refinery jumped at the opportunity this summer to partner with the Boys & Girls Club of Skagit County to launch their first ever STEM Summer Camp.

Refinery operator’s passion for photography takes to the skies

Aug 26, 2016

Eddie Murdock spends his work shifts as an operator at the Shell Puget Sound Refinery, but he’s best known for capturing the Anacortes area’s spectacular scenery in arresting photographs. 

Shell retiree John Tursi’s legacy and legend will live on in the Tursi Trail

Jul 28, 2016

Few men leave behind a bigger legacy or a better life story than Anacortes icon and 23-year Shell employee John Tursi, who passed away earlier this year at 98.

Bellingham Technical College Process Technology students tour Shell Puget Sound Refinery

Jun 27, 2016

Process Technology students from Bellingham Technical College (BTC) recently visited the Shell Puget Sound Refinery (PSR) to get a closer look at process technology at work Process Technology students from Bellingham Technical College (BTC) recently visited the Shell Puget Sound Refinery (PSR) to get a closer look at process technology at work.

One of Shell's many coaches teaches the basics: "The team that plays the best catch wins."

Jun 21, 2016

When James Walker tackles the task of turning a bunch of 9-year-olds into a baseball team, he makes them play catch until they're really good at it.

From remote Africa, to round-the-world sailing, to teaching at the Puget Sound Refinery

May 12, 2016

From Shell facilities in Africa and The Netherlands, to sailing small boats across vast oceans, Teri Mandemaker has literally been around the world to get to her current role as Organizational Effectiveness and Learning manager for the Puget Sound Refinery.

Shell PSR Helps Make ‘Earth Day’ a Success at Bowman Bay

May 12, 2016

This year marks the 46th anniversary of Earth Day and Shell PSR was there to help make a difference.

Civil engineer Monick Estrada leaves no structure unclimbed to keep Shell Puget Sound Refinery workers safe

Apr 12, 2016

When Monick Estrada began her job hunt as a soon-to-graduate engineering student at the University of Alaska with an interest in the petroleum industry, she set high standards.

Shell Puget Sound Refinery hosts chemistry class from San Juan Center of Skagit Valley College

Mar 04, 2016

Demonstration on the “Mini-PSR distillation unit,” helps bring to life the chemical concepts being learned in the classroom. 

Project Department gets down and dirty to help local Head Start

Feb 16, 2016

Shell Puget Sound Refinery Projects Department builds garden beds for Head Start in Mount Vernon so local children can grow their own flowers and vegetables.

PSR Donates $5,000 to support La Conner Waterfront Park

Oct 26, 2015

Shell supports students who demonstrate leadership attributes and personal ownership in the natural environment

Fun Run raises over $35,000 for Anacortes Schools Foundation

Oct 08, 2015

Inaugural event supports teacher grant application program in Anacortes Schools  

Operational issue at Puget Sound Refinery

Jul 24, 2015

Friday morning around 11:00am the Shell Puget Sound Refinery experienced an operational disruption on-site. No injuries reported

Refinery issue stabilized

Jul 24, 2015

No injuries reported, work will continue throughout the weekend

Insulation Containing Asbestos Contained On-Site

May 16, 2015

Insulation Containing Asbestos Contained On-Site

Further update on Friday’s odor issue

Feb 23, 2015

Shell Puget Sound Refinery resolved to make sure an odor issue like this does not happen again.

Update on Friday’s Odor Issue

Feb 21, 2015

On Friday afternoon, we received some odor complaints at the Puget Sound Refinery as the result of planned maintenance on one of our facility’s flare systems. Refinery personnel responded to find and correct the source of the odor, and this maintenance activity was suspended.

Friday’s Odor

Feb 20, 2015

To Our Neighbors: Earlier today, we received some odor complaints as the result of planned maintenance on one of our facility’s flare systems. Refinery personnel responded to find and correct the source of the odor, and this maintenance activity was suspended.

PSR Supports Anacortes High School "Green Club" with Rain Garden Project

Shell supports Anacortes High School students in “Green Club” as they incorporated the latest environmental design methods to treat polluted water.

Early Learning highlighted at United Way Campaign Kickoff

Shell and Puget Sound Refinery employees pledged to raise $130,000 this campaign year to support the United Way’s efforts

PSR leads discussion at Anacortes Senior College

Shell Puget Sound Refinery leads discussion on the refining process at Anacortes Senior College