Shell Operators Save a Life


This past fall, three operators at Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery saved the life of a contractor who was working at the refinery’s dock.

Helping Hands Feed the Community


Shell Puget Sound Refinery employees recently volunteered with the refinery’s contract partner Anvil at the Helping Hands Food Bank to pack more than 3,500 bags of food for hungry children across Skagit County, WA.

Refinery Employee Celebrates 44 Years of Shell Service


Shell Puget Sound Refinery’s longest-serving employee Boyd Wells never imagined that he’d work at the company for over 44 years. But after nearly 10 roles and hundreds of teammates later, he’s happier than ever. Why? For Boyd, it’s all about the people.

Shell Proudly Fuels Life in the Pacific Northwest


Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery is proud to fuel life in the Pacific Northwest – now and in the years to come! Hear from our employees and community partners about our history, vision, and our impact on the community we are privileged to call home.

Love at First Flight


For Shell contractor Nicole O’Neill, kites are much more than a toy – they changed her life. Now, she’s passionate about changing others’ lives for the better through the power of kite flying.

Refinery Employees Share Passion for Giving Back


While employees at Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery have volunteered in their communities for decades, the refinery launched a new program in 2016 called the Community Cup – it aimed to take community volunteering to the next level, and it did. Over the last two years, employees have volunteered over 10,000 hours.

It’s Shredding Time


For Shell Puget Sound Refinery Operator Dan Donnelly, snowboarding is a way of life. While he no longer ‘shreds’ every day as a professional snowboarder, his experiences in the backcountry gave him a deep appreciation for safety and what it truly means to have someone’s back.

Shell Engineers Share Mini Refinery with Students


Two engineers from Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery recently presented a mini refinery demonstration to undergraduates taking an ‘Energy from the Earth’ course at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA.

Shell Gives Operator ‘Life-Changing Opportunity’


Alyssa Willis says receiving a job offer from Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery was a dream come true. When she was 16 years old, she took her first steps toward entering the oil and gas industry – fast forward two years and thousands of hours of training later, and she’s learning the ropes as the only female operator on Shell’s Alky/Poly unit.

Shell Operator Fosters Hope


For Shell Puget Sound Refinery Operator Josh Wedin, fostering a passion for LEGO design and opening his home – and his heart – to numerous foster children go hand in hand.

Update #2: Odor Issue


Yesterday, the Shell Puget Sound Refinery detected an odor, which we later identified as coming from hydrocarbon material on the roof of a storage tank. The material on the roof has been removed.

Update: Odor Issue


This morning, the Shell Puget Sound Refinery detected an odor. We have since identified an on-site odor source coming from one of our tanks. We are actively collaborating with numerous businesses and agencies to determine if this odor is associated with other odor complaints in the community. We apologize to our neighbors for any concerns the odor may have caused. 

Odor Issue


On the morning of Sept. 28, the Shell Puget Sound Refinery detected an odor. 

Dream Big: Early Learning in Skagit County, WA


Did you know that 60% of Skagit County, WA kids aren’t ready for kindergarten? That has serious implications for their futures. Learn how Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery, United Way, the Children’s Museum and many other community partners are working together to reverse the trend and ensure our kids have the chance to realize their full potential. 

HR Manager Looks for Life’s Positives


If anyone understands the true meaning of resilience, it’s Shell Puget Sound Refinery’s HR Manager Robin Yates. Despite major life obstacles that included his parents’ alcoholism, foster care, a cancer diagnosis and the tragic loss of his son, Yates refused to give up. 

Ready to Fuel Education?


The 3rd annual Fueling Education Fun Run 5K takes place on Sunday, Sept. 17 at 10 a.m. Anacortes. All proceeds go to the Anacortes Schools Foundation. 

Shell Puget Sound Refinery Conducts Evacuation Drill


Today at 11:30 a.m., Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery will conduct a refinery evacuation drill. There will be 10 consecutive blasts of the site’s emergency horn, signaling a site-wide evacuation. This is different than the site’s usual “noon sirens” that occur every Wednesday. There is no need for concern. This is only a drill – not an emergency.

Shell Partners with B&G Club to Spark STEM Interest


Two engineers from Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery demonstrated how a mini refinery works to children in 1st-6th grade who attended the Boys & Girls Club of Skagit County’s STEM summer camp – sponsored by Shell.

On the Run: Reliability Manager Circumnavigates Whidbey Island


Shell Puget Sound Refinery’s Reliability Manager James Steller never backs down from a good challenge – especially if it benefits his community. That’s why he set a goal to run 160 miles around Whidbey Island, WA over Labor Day weekend to raise money for the Community Foundation for Coupeville Public Schools.

Tied Up in Knots: ERT to the Rescue


Meet Shell Puget Sound Refinery’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) and learn more about the importance of the ERT to the site – and the surrounding community.

Update on Friday’s Odor Issue


On Friday afternoon, we received some odor complaints at the Puget Sound Refinery as the result of planned maintenance on one of our facility’s flare systems. Refinery personnel responded to find and correct the source of the odor, and this maintenance activity was suspended.

Friday’s Odor


To Our Neighbors: Earlier today, we received some odor complaints as the result of planned maintenance on one of our facility’s flare systems. Refinery personnel responded to find and correct the source of the odor, and this maintenance activity was suspended.