A Community Awareness Emergency Response (CAER) Level 1 notification has been issued, meaning no offsite impact is expected at this time, though residents may notice some visible flaring with smoke at the facility during the unit shutdown process. No injuries or leaks have been reported at the refinery.

The flare system is an important process safety device at a refinery, though we recognize that its use can sometimes be visibly or audibly unsettling for our neighbors. We want to assure our neighbors that occasional flaring is a normal and vital part of keeping the refinery safe during scheduled maintenance activities or unplanned operational disruptions.

Refinery employees are in communication with the natural gas provider, and are actively working the situation to manage the unplanned shut down of units as safely as possible. The health and safety of the community and our people are of the utmost importance. Shell encourages residents to contact the Refinery’s hotline at 360-293-1797 if they have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Protecting people and the environment are our two most important responsibilities at the Shell Puget Sound Refinery. We will comply with the applicable regulations and keep the appropriate agencies informed while we address this issue. Shell would like to thank our plant personnel for their continued response to this issue.

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