Repurposing an Industrial Site

A key benefit the project offers the community is our planned redevelopment of an existing industrial sites. Shell also will be a long-term steward of the land.

Addressing Air Quality

The facility will use the most recent technologies to provide the greatest energy efficiency and lowest emissions. Other environmental measures we’re planning include:

  • Recycling “tail gas,” a byproduct of the ethane cracking process that is primarily clean-burning hydrogen, to power the ethane cracker furnaces;
  • Building a first-of-its-kind ethylene storage unit to handle operational problems rather than having to flare ethylene while fixes are made;
  • Using natural gas-fired cogeneration to provide steam and electricity for the facility and selling excess electricity to PJM for regional use, potentially helping improve air quality; and
  • Eliminating the environmental impacts of transporting ethane to the U.S. Gulf Coast for processing and shipping the polyethylene back to the region.

Balancing Water Use

Once built, the facility will recycle and reuse water in its processes, drawing approximately 20 million gallons per day from the Ohio River. Approximately 80 percent will evaporate as clean steam; the rest will be treated to remove impurities and then tested to ensure it meets water quality standards before it’s  the water isreturned to the river.

Other measures Shell will take to protect water quality include:

  • Recycling condensate (condensed steam from process equipment);
  • Retention ponds for storm water – water will be tested, treated as needed and then discharged to the river;
  • Procedures to avoid, mitigate and quickly respond to spills before they reach water;
  • Groundwater monitoring wells and regular water-quality testing;
  • Shoreline improvements and erosion protection along the Ohio River adjacent to the facility; and
  • Plans to create, recreate, enhance and preserve in-kind habitats in the same watershed to offset impacts to wetlands and streams on the site.

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