Safety is a core value at Shell. Each team member makes a personal commitment to keep people safe, protect the environment and be a good neighbor – goals we live by every day. Safety is fundamental to everything we do starting with a rigorous, five-stage systematic approach to safety as we design and engineer the proposed facility.

Planning for Safety

This means that at each stage a team of experts is assessing potential safety concerns: fire, explosion, traffic accidents, leaks and equipment failures. The first objective is to eliminate potential risks wherever possible. Then we build in measures to prevent incidents while determining how to limit any effects. Once in operation, we would maintain a highly trained response team on site and work closely with local emergency officials and agencies to regularly test our response plans and procedures.

Delivering Safety

At Shell, we won’t be satisfied until we achieve our goal of zero incidents, and our people play a critical role in our safety performance. To that end, we introduced our mandatory 12 Life-Saving Rules in 2009, significantly improving our overall company safety record. These rules focus on the highest-risk areas in our daily activities, including working safely at heights and following safe driving practices such as not speeding or using cell phones. All employees and contractors who work for us must follow these rules or choose not to work for Shell.

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