Norco Refinery produces Gasoline (premium and regular grades, unleaded), Jet-A aviation fuel, Ultra Low Sulfur diesel, liquefied petroleum gases (i.e. propane, propylene, isobutane), and anode grade coke.

Norco Chemicals manufactures ethylene, propylene and butadiene to sell to other manufacturers for use in the production of antifreeze, tires, plastic food containers, trash bags, laundry detergent, cosmetics, adhesive, coatings, and film as well as hundreds of other consumer and industrial materials and products.

Refinery Capacity

  • Crude: 250,000 barrels (10.1 million gallons) processed daily
  • Gasoline: 170,000 barrels (7.1 million gallons) produced daily total regular and premium grades
  • Jet-A aviation fuel: 46,000 barrels (1.9 million gallons) produced daily
  • Low sulfur diesel: 90,000 barrels (3.8 million gallons) produced daily
  • Anode grade coke: 1,000 tons produced daily

Chemicals Capacity

  • Ethylene – 3.033 billion lbs/year
  • Ethylene, propylene, butadiene, aromatic feedstocks – 613 million lbs/year

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