Contribution Guidelines

Program Areas

Norco Manufacturing Complex will consider charitable contributions to eligible non-profit organizations for select programs that fall within our focused areas of contributions:

Education – We support our local school district, with a primary focus on Destrehan High School, Harry Hurst Middle School and Norco Elementary School for a variety of educational initiatives.   We pay special attention to K-12 programs that boost math and science skills and prepare future industry workforce for both engineering and technical programs.  

Workforce Development – The need for skilled technical workers continues to play a critical role in our industry’s success, and NMC seeks to help upskill potential workers.

Environment & Biodiversity – Protecting the environment is a top priority of our site and our employees.   As part of this commitment, we support local projects that promote environmental stewardship, including wildlife conservation and/or habitat projects.

Civic & Community Need – We focus our civic and community needs support primarily in the town of Norco and St. Charles Parish.  We fund projects ranging from area-wide business and economic development initiatives to local neighborhood efforts.

Geographic Focus

The Norco Manufacturing Complex will prioritize charitable contributions to eligible non-profit organizations in the town of Norco and St. Charles Parish.

Note:  Shell Corporate Social Investment may consider a donation requests from geographic areas outside of our local areas.   Please refer your application to this group.

Eligibility Criteria

The Norco Manufacturing Complex supports a wide range of charitable organizations that are tax-exempt in the United States under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. However, we will not consider contributions for the following purposes:

  • Individuals
  • Private foundations
  • Non-profit organizations without a current 501(c)(3) exempt status
  • Conferences, workshops or seminars not directly related to Shell business interests
  • Religious organizations that do not serve the general public on a non-denominational basis

The Norco Manufacturing Complex reviews unsolicited proposals on a regular basis, but due to the large volume of requests that we receive, we cannot fund every proposal.

Submit an Application

If your request falls within our focused areas of contribution and meets our eligibility requirements, please submit your proposal via our online grant application. You must complete all required fields in order for the Norco Manufacturing Complex to consider your request.  Your application should include a brief statement describing the mission of your organization, amount requested (including itemized budget information for the Shell funds on this specific project) and the purpose of the contribution. All required documentation is asked for at the time the application is submitted. 

Norco Manufacturing Complex only accepts electronic proposals for community funding requests. All final decisions are published to your account page on the website listed below. Please allow up to sixty (60) days for a final decision

Online Grant Form

Benzene Fenceline Monitoring Program

Benzene Fenceline Monitoring Program

The Shell Norco Manufacturing Complex conducts bi-weekly passive sampling along the facility property boundary for the target analyte of benzene. The passive samples are collected and analyzed in accordance with Methods 325A and 325B of Appendix A to 40 CFR Part 63.

Shell NORCO Benzene Monitoring