Participation and Leadership

The site and its employees are recognized for participation and leadership in activities and organizations such as the United Way, the Norco Community Advisory Panel and Partners In Education. In an innovative pledge to its community, Norco contributed funds to the establishment of the Norco Community Fund and the Norco Community Economic Development Foundation, specifically serving the residents and businesses in the town of Norco. 

Developed in 2001, with a one million dollar endowment, NCF awards grants to non-profit agencies and organizations in the Norco area. Founded in 2003, with a five million dollar endowment, NCEDF provides grants to recognized organizations, which encourage job retention and economic development directly impacting Norco. The NCF and NCEDF are donor-advised funds through the Greater New Orleans Foundation. Committees comprised of local residents and business leaders annually review grant applications and make recommendations for funding.

Community Advisory Panel

The Norco Manufacturing Complex joined area industries in St. Charles Parish to form a Community Advisory Panel after the introduction of Responsible Care® by the American Chemical Council in 1988. Norco Communications leaders recognized that the joint CAP was not providing sufficient information for appropriate response to the concerns of the Norco community. A Norco Community Advisory Panel was introduced in the early 2000’s. Members were selected through recommendations of community leaders and the Norco Civic Association. 

The CAP is comprised of a diverse group of citizens with the majority reflecting the older generation who are the mainstay of the area. Several new members are invited to join the panel every two years, as older members move on. Recently, the site has worked with CAP facilitators to bring in younger residents, to develop better balance in perspectives while setting the foundation for the years ahead and community population changes. The CAP meets every other month for a catered dinner at an off-site Norco location. 

Benzene Fenceline Monitoring Program

Benzene Fenceline Monitoring Program

The Shell Norco Manufacturing Complex conducts bi-weekly passive sampling along the facility property boundary for the target analyte of benzene. The passive samples are collected and analyzed in accordance with Methods 325A and 325B of Appendix A to 40 CFR Part 63.

Shell NORCO Benzene Monitoring