It has been a wonderful (if cold) few days with my colleagues as we looked at the different ways the Rheinland complex works with their community. 

Social performance reviews are among the best things about working for Shell because they give us a chance to share best practices in the area of community engagement, so that we can all get better.  Just like Martinez, my colleagues in Rheinland have a great neighboring community, and the refinery has been an important social and economic force in that region. 

Big thanks to my team members: Marti Powers, Randy Provencal and Katrin Satizabal.  Thanks also to our outstanding hosts: Agnes Kujawa, Katja Conrad and Constantin von Hoensbroech, all of whom were wonderful.  Both the company and that community is lucky to have each of them.  Here’s hoping we can return the favor and host them at Martinez!  Until then, remember that it’s all about social performance, and exhibiting behaviors as a business that make us a valued member of the communities we serve.

- Steve

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